Starters and Snacks

Freedom Fries, Small serving $3.99, Large basket $5.99.

Samosa, A vegetarian Appetizer from India. You don't have to be a herbivore to enjoy these bite size treats. Served with a Sweet Mango dipping sauce and a Coriander & Sour Cream  dipping sauce. $7.99

Chili, It’s mild enough to eat! Or spice it to your taste with our hot sauce. Yes, it has beans! $6.99

Chips and Salsa, Tasty tortilla chips and salsa. $6.99

Wings 10, Sometimes then run a little small when they do, we'll make it 12! $10.99

​Ahi, Sushi grade tuna seared and served with wasabi. $9.99.

​Nachos, cheddar & pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, sour cream and salsa. $8.99. Add chicken or chili for $3

Cream of Crab Soup, Made with blue swimming crabs seasoned with ‘Old Bay’, Cup $4.99 Bowl $7.99. 

Spinach Salad, The freshest Spinach topped with real blue cheese crumbles, glazed walnuts and 
craisins with Raspberry Vinaigrette, or dressing of your choice. $9.99 

Burgers, Sandwiches and Light Fare

Maryland Crab Cake Sandwich, Our most enjoyed entrée as a sandwich. Served on a roll $20.99 or 2 for $45.00

The Scotchman’s Burger, No fancy cheese, No Sissy Sauces, Just a Big Black Angus Beef Burger the way you want it with what you want on it! $8.99 add Swiss, American, Provolone or Cheddar Cheese for $2. each

Bleu Max, A classic cheese burger. We start with ‘Black Angus Beef’ cooked to your taste, add your choice of toppings. Then crown the Burger with the finest imported Bleu Cheese. $10.99

Chicken Melt Sandwich, Your choice of cheese melted onto a premium Perdue chicken breast. Add your choice of fixings. $9.99

Corn Beef on Rye, We buy the leanest corn beef, then corn it and trim more fat off! Served Hot or Cold. $9.99

Fish and Chips, Our answer to the traditional dish. Beer Battered Rockfish with Freedom Fries $14.99

Rockfish Fish Taco, Yogurt Sauce, Shredded Red Cabbage with imported Monterey Jack and Cheddar Cheese all wrapped in a soft tortilla shell. $10.99

Rockfish Fish Wrap, It’s the same as the Fish Taco except it’s a wrap and there is more fish. $10.99

Quesadilla, a blend of quality cheeses add jalapenos no charge, $8.99 add chicken for $3.

Reuben, Baltimore's Leanest Corned Beef makes the best Reuben, $10.99

Dinners That Make us Proud.

Maryland Crab Cake, Named “Best Crab Cake” by: The City Paper, Baltimore Magazine and South West Airlines In-flight Magazine! Made with our award winning recipe. Other restaurants say it's Baltimore’s Best Crab Cake served with roasted baby red bliss potatoes and a small house salad $24.99. 

Black Angus Steak de Jour, The steak of the day is what looked best at the butcher’s today. Usually it’s a Rib Eye but every so often we offer a Filet Mignon ask your server what we are offering today. It's always Black Angus and often Prime (when it's on Sale) with roasted Baby Red Bliss potatoes and a Spring Mix salad. A Man Size Steak that is Loved by many carnivorous ladies $31.99. 

Cod with Thai lime sauce, A lovely Cod Filet served on a bed of basmati rice and spinach with our Chef Anne's original sauce. It's proof that we live in a civilized society. A bit of heaven pulled out of the North Atlantic. $23.99

Chicken Caesar Salad, Crisp Romaine, premium roasted Chicken and the finest Imported Reggiano Parmigianino tossed with our homemade traditional Caesar Dressing $19.99 

Shepherd’s Pie, We use our family recipe from, County Mayo Ireland. This is NOT the American version 
of this classic Celtic dish. You will not find greasy ground beef in our Shephard's Pie! It's a meat and potatoes eater’s delight! $24.99

Anne’s Rum Pie, Made from a recipe handed down from Anne’s Mother. Dr. Rock said, “It is the best thing I ever put in my mouth!” Try a piece, we are the only place it’s available. $7.99

Splitting a Dish is subject to a $7.00 split charge. There is no split charge for Anne's Pie!

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